Day Trippin, Milkwaukee Edit

Milwaukee surprised me.  I was actually blown away at how much I liked the vibe there.  The quick drive from Chicago flew by and the first stop on the list was bloody’s at Sopelman’s.  The Harley’s parked outside when we pulled up, hardly rivaling Hells Angels, was the quintessential image I had of Milwaukee.  This was fulfilling everything my imagination had created around this town.  I had really wanted one of those bloody’s with all the fixings piled on top and this place had it all, including one with fried chicken.  After lunch, we made it over to The Milwaukee Public Market and the scenery quickly changed.  This area reminded me of the meat packing district in New York because quite literally both neighborhoods have evolved from old industrial areas.  I loved this area because of the market and other cute bistros where outside seating was in abundance.  From there we walked to the Milwaukee Art Museum which was right on Lake Michigan and in my opinion looked like a horseshoe crab!  One of my favorite moments at the museum was when I saw Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s work.  I have seen some of his work before at the Art Institute of Chicago and I love his imagery and the scenes he depicts.  There was also a very cool limited time poster exhibit that featured different marketing tactics to grab your attention on a poster that were from actual institutions or organizations from history.  Milwaukee, thanks for a great day, I will definitely be back.


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