No title necessary 

I am so proud to say I walked in the Women’s March in 2017.  For me, walking was about; standing up for something much larger than myself, for being inclusive of all people regardless of their color, gender, religion,  faith, or sexual preference, women’s reproductive rights and sexual freedoms,  strong women leadership, and the freedom of speech.  I never considered myself a feminist till a few years ago when I saw other men in the workplace move up faster than me whom had the same skills and it really discouraged me.   My parents did not raise me to think of myself as inferior to men, but I was seeing the opposite first hand.  As I read further into feminism and specifically the 60’s when revolutions inside America were happening I was blown away at the hurdles that had to be overcome just a few decades ago.  Thus, not much has changed.  I am thankful that there are so many women over decades that have pushed the envelope and today we have so many more women leaders and role models to aspire to.   I myself have very strong women in my family that inspired me to walk the walk in the first place.  For them and our future generation, the work continues, stand up!


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