I know you’re there.  It’s me, Lauren.

This has been one of he hardest, most challenging years of my life.  I had some really important people leave my life, by death and by choice.  I had a really traumatic living situation incident and I moved to a completely different neighborhood.  I got two new jobs, and struggled to be an adult for awhile.  I got really angry with life and myself.  I learned so much about what I want out of life, the person I want to be and project, and what really matters.  Also, not to sweat the small stuff, which my Dad reminded me of.  I have some new life mottos coming out of 2016 that I hope to never forget.  (I plan on framing them in my apartment).  I know everything happens for a reason and there is a purpose for me to experience the people and challenges I did this past year.  Seriously, I got some big signs that came across my path when it really mattered and showed me the way.  Even though I know everything happens for a reason, this year still sucked and I am so glad it is over.  Like so so happy 😁  Oh! and also my New Years resolution is to read more.


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