Over the past weekend for Valentine’s day my boyfriend and I went to The Art Institute to celebrate the day by doing something we love to do together. While we were there we had planned on seeing Roy Lichtenstein in The New Contemporary exhibit which was incredible.  BUT we randomly decided to peruse the sketch and drawing exhibit and let me tell you I was stunned. I love looking at sketches to begin with because I like to draw so it gives me some insight into how artists draw figures and get shapes across the page.  LeRoy Neiman and Gustave Baumann had some amazing work there. What was even better was that they had been students at The Art Institute at their start and the exhibit was called Homegrown.  You can see my favorite below is the depiction of Oak Street beach in Chicago. The skyline and scene still looks the similar on a summer day decades, this was drawn around the 50’s I believe.  Gustave’s color woodblock pieces were also like nothing I have seen before.  The color in each had perfect contrast and really represent the rich colors you see in nature.  Happy sketching!





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